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Welcome to the DOCK Blaster Parser, where all you need is a PDB code to start docking*. To begin, all you need is a target, as specified by a PDB code. To find a PDB code, you may use the PDB website or OCA. Not all targets will work with our current automated protocol. For an example that works, try human thyroid receptor beta (PDB code 1N46). Or pick from among 1712 PDB structures with a ligand that appear to work reasonably well [Oct 2011].
For fun, why not try one of the protein structures that are available for which no function or ligand is known? There are four sets of these, from the four PSI structural genomics centers, as follows: There are over 76,000 entries in the PDB to choose from. A fair number of these will not work with the DOCK Blaster Parser. That is what the asterisk (*) is for in the opening line. We do not know how many will work. We think perhaps 80% will run, and that perhaps as many as 30% will yield ligands worth testing. We just don't know yet. Ask us again in 2012.
If you just can't decide and want to take your chances (not really recommended), you may click: "I'm Feeling Lucky" (below). Some documentation is available, but it is already out of date. Working...
PDB Code : (1712 PDB structures with ligand that appear to work reasonably well [Oct 2011],
Ligand : (optional)
The aim of this experiment is :

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